ENTHRONED was formed in 1993 by Sabathan and Cernunnos after parting ways with their previous bands Morbid Death and Blaspherion. They soon found a guitarist, Tseboath (from the unholy death metal band Slanesh), and the so-called Blackened Horde was born. ENTHRONED released a 5-track promo tape in mid 1994 which brought them to the attention of several independent labels. A 7” split EP with Ancient Rites was then released by the underground label Afterdark Records. After the demise of Afterdark, Evil Omen Records (a sub-division of Osmose Productions) released ENTHRONED's first full-length release, Prophecies Of Pagan Fire. Shortly thereafter, the band enlisted a second guitarist named Nornagest, previously with the band Heresia. Eventually, Tseboath was replaced by Nebiros, who not only brought new blood into the band, but also complimented the brutal and barbaric style of Nornagest. Since the release of their first demo, ENTHRONED have always nurtured their amazing live reputation. In 1996, along with Ancient Rites and Bewitched, ENTHRONED invaded Europe for their first tour ever. In April 1997, as they were about to record “Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan”, Cernunnos took his life, the band went ahead to record the new album in his memory, after having recruited a session drummer, Da Cardoen from local thrash band Asphyxia. The Blackened Horde appeared ,some months later ,at the Dragons Blaze festival for their first show with the new drummer Namroth Blackthorn. The response from the crowd could not have been better. In April 1998, the band toured the European continent with Dark Funeral and also released “Regie Sathanas”, a worldwide acclaimed black metal masterpiece dedicated to their deceased comrade. Later that year, they toured again with Hecate Enthroned and Usurper. At the close of 1999, the band entered Abyss Studios (Sweden) to give birth to “The Apocalypse Manifesto”. This third album was released in May 1999. No other title could better reflect the intensity of this satanic masterpiece, which dealt with the biblical concept of the Apocalypse as interpreted by the strict satanic perspective. ENTHRONED rounded off the 20th Century on tour with Marduk and Angelcorpse and continued to take European crowds by storm with several live performances all over Europe. 2000 was a busy year for ENTHRONED. The band parted ways with Nebiros and recruited Nerath Daemon as their new axeman, who then successfully passed his trial by fire on a German mini tour followed by several other European shows and the recording of the controversial “Armoured Bestial Hell” album in the Real Sound Studio (Germany). This fourth album was released in April 2001 and received lots of critics due to it's experimental direction in some more brutal/ technical ways, although lots of good comment flew as well, this album is without any doubt the most “experimental” album released by the horde. Unfortunately, the band was to endure another line up change. Namroth Blackthorn was released from his duties and was worthily replaced by Alsvid from the mighty French black metal band, Seth. Nevertheless, ENTHRONED continued to play many live gigs followed by a huge tour across the US ( in October 2001) and Europe. In early 2002, ENTHRONED signed to NAPALM RECORDS releasing their fifth full length recording effort, “Carnage in Worlds Beyond” , later that year. The Blackened Horde started then an amazing crusade worldwide on more than 60 dates, invading lands from Brazil, to Colombia and all over the European soil. Two years after the recording of “Carnage in Worlds Beyond” ,ENTHRONED returned to the spiderhouse studios to record their sixth full length album “XES Haereticum”. Once again, line up changes will occurred Alsvid and Nerath Daemon had to leave the band due to their respective jobs and distance problems. The Hellgium Messiahs circle will the soon be completed by the arrival of Nguaroth ,long time ENTHRONED mind sharing extremist , and Glaurung drummer from old school Black metal horde Morbid Rites. The circle now completed ENTHRONED released in 2005 , the album their fans were waiting for years “BLACK GOAT RITUAL ; Live in Thy Flesh”! The first ever live album from The Blackened Horde. Recorded in one take without any overdubs nor studio work. On october 19th 2006, the band parted ways with vocalist Sabathan due to his lack of interest within Satanism and music dedication. In January 2007, Enthroned announce that Nornagest will take over the vocal duties and welcomes back Phorgath, front man in Emptiness, on bass. The horde is now working on their up comming new opus.... Let the Sabbath begin…


Festival Death Grind-Black Metal, le samedi 25/03/2000 (L'Entrepôt)